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  • Sale! agar plates for mushroom cultures spore syringes

    Agar Plates


    High-quality Laboratory Grade Agar for Mushroom Cultivation

    • PERFECTLY BALANCED: Our recipe is designed to provide a balanced source of nutrients required for growing mycelium.
    • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Our pre-poured agar plates are a perfectly balanced nutrient-rich growing medium that will save you time and money vs pouring your own plates.
    • GENETIC ISOLATION: Agar plates can be used for isolating mushroom genetics by taking a tissue sample from a donor mushroom. The mycelium will grow and may be further isolated or transferred to grain bags.
    • SPORES TO AGAR: Agar is a great medium to clean up spore prints and germinate spore swabs. Easily remove contaminates and isolate healthy mycelium.
    • STERILIZED AND READY TO USE: Our agar plates will arrive sterile and in ready-to-use condition.
  • eco friendly mushroom bags with injection port

    Biodegradable Mushroom Bags with Injection Port

    Biodegradable Mushroom Grain Spawn Bags

    • AUTOCLAVE SAFE, DURABLE, TEAR RESISTANT: At 3 mills thick, these bags will remain flexible after sterilization.
    • 0.2 MICRON PREMIUM FILTER: Each bag has a premium quality 0.2 micron filter that will allow your growing mycelium spawn to breathe while preventing exposure to room air.
    • MAKE YOUR OWN GRAIN SPAWN BAGS: These bags are sized 5 X 4 X 18 and hold 3-4 Quarts of hydrated grain spawn. Approximately 3-4 pounds
    • BIODEGRADABLE: These bags are manufactured using a proprietary Polypropylene which has been designed to deteriorate over time when exposed to air and light. It is recommended to use these bags within 3 months of purchase.
  • mushroom grow bags

    Grow Bags

  • Sale! heavy duty injection ports for liquid culture jar lids

    Heavy Duty Injection Ports

    • Heavy Duty Injection Ports

    • Durable and High Heat Resistant

    • Great for Liquid Culture Jar Lids or BRF Jars

    • Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Injection port bags for growing mushrooms

    Injection Port Bags

    • CONVENIENT INOCULATION –  Easy injection of spore syringe or Liquid Culture using the integrated self-healing injection port.
    • GAS-EXCHANGE FILTER – Each bag is been fitted with a high-quality micro filter that allows fresh air exchange during the colonization phase.
    • BEST QUALITY MUSHROOM BAGS AVAILABLE – These bags are the best mushroom spawn bags available and will help you easily make perfect grain spawn bags every time.
    • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Highest quality mushroom bags available.
  • Stir bar for liquid culture jar or agar media bottle

    Magnetic Stir Bar


    High temp Autoclavable Magnetic Stir bar for Liquid Culture Jars. These magnetic stir bars have low surface tension and will not stick to any substance. They are chemical resistant and have the lowest friction coefficient among solid materials, making them perfect for liquid culture jars or agar media bottles. Specifications: Material: PTFE Type: C Color:…

  • Sale! magnetic stirrer for liquid culture jars

    Magnetic Stirrer


    Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer for Liquid Culture Jars

    Includes one stir bar

    Easily mix liquid culture with this Magnetic Stir Mixer. Perfect for liquid culture jars.

  • black agar, AC agar black, black colored agar for mushrooms

    Malt Extract Agar with Activated Carbon


    Malt Extract Agar with Activated Carbon “Black Agar” Petri dishes

    Black agar plates not only look great by providing exceptional contrast against growing mycelium but Active Carbon is also known for its natural antibiotic properties.  Each plate is coated with a thick layer of agar perfect for fungal growth!  No autoclave or pouring is required. Ready to use Agar Petri Dishes.


  • mushroom bag clamps for sealing mushroom bags without a heat sealer

    Mushroom Bag Sealer – Mushroom Substrate Bag Clamp


    High-temp Autoclave-able Mushroom Grain Spawn Bag Sealer/Clamp

    • Seal mushroom grow bags without an impulse sealer!

    • Reusable.

    • Easy to Use.

    • Hermetically seals the opening of the bag.

  • Ready to use mushroom growing substrate

    Pasteurized Mushroom Growing Substrate – Perfectly Balanced Manure Based Substrate

    • Highly Nutritious Mushroom Substrate

    • Designed for ideal PH Levels and Nitrogen Content

    • Hydrated to ideal moisture capacity

    • Ready to use

    • Made to order. Please allow 4-6 days for product to ship

  • Sale! 10 pounds mushroom substrate - bulk substrate for mushrooms

    Pasteurized Mushroom Substrate (10lbs) – Manure Based Bulk Substrate


    Premium Mushroom Substrate Formulated for Manure Loving Species

    • Highly Nutritious Mushroom Substrate

    • Designed for Ideal PH Levels and Nitrogen Content

    • Hydrated to ideal moisture capacity

    • Approximately 10 quarts of substrate

    • Ready to use

    • Made to order. Please allow 4-6 days for product to ship

  • Sale! premium manure substrate

    Pasteurized Mushroom Substrate (5lbs)


    Premium Mushroom Substrate Formulated for Manure Loving Species

    • Manure Based Substrate

    • Pasteurized and ready to use

    • Designed for Ideal PH Levels and Nitrogen Content

    • Hydrated to Ideal Moisture Capacity