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Ready to Use Grain Spawn


  • Best Selling Grain Spawn

  • Sterilized and Ready to use

  • Self Healing Injection Port

  • Easy to Use

These grain spawn bags are beginner-friendly, extremely easy to use, and feature a self-healing injection port and a 0.2-micron filter allowing for fresh air exchange while eliminating airborne contamination.


Quickly incubate your spores or liquid culture with our sterilized grain spawn bags. These ready-to-use mushroom spawn bags are made using high-quality grains and supplemented ingredients. After soaking in a nutrient broth, these grains are set out to dry ensuring an ideal moisture content. Once dry they are packed in an autoclavable mushroom bag, sterilized for 2 hours, then cooled and sealed in a sterile environment under a HEPA flow hood.

Your mycelium will flourish!

How to use a mushroom grain spawn bag:

*Remove the bag from the packaging
*Unfold the bag and gently massage the bag to loosen the grain
*Wipe down the bag and all utensils with 70% isopropyl alcohol
*Inoculate your bag using a spore syringe via the self-healing injection port.
*Set the bag aside in a dry, dark place for 5-10 days with an average temp of 75-80F
*Gently mix up the mushroom spawn to promote full colonization.
*Once fully colonized the bag may be used to spawn to coir or any other bulk substrate

Each bag comes pre-sterilized and contains our best-selling grains to provide you with massive yields and rapid mycelium growth!

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Note: Spores or cultures are not included. These bags are made to order. Please allow 3-4 days for processing before shipping.

Additional information

Grain Type

Oats, Rye


1.5 Pound Bag, 3 Pound Bag, 5 Pound Bag


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