Injection Port Bags

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  • CONVENIENT INOCULATION –  Easy injection of spore syringe or Liquid Culture using the integrated self-healing injection port.
  • GAS-EXCHANGE FILTER – Each bag is been fitted with a high-quality micro filter that allows fresh air exchange during the colonization phase.
  • BEST QUALITY MUSHROOM BAGS AVAILABLE – These bags are the best mushroom spawn bags available and will help you easily make perfect grain spawn bags every time.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Highest quality mushroom bags available.


Injection Port Bags for Grain Spawn

These bags can be used for making your own grain spawn or as an all-in-one mushroom growing bag. The injection port makes it easy to inoculate your spawn using spore syringes and/or liquid culture. The integrated filter patch helps to block airborne contaminants while providing fresh-air exchange that is needed for healthy mycelium growth.

Professional Quality Mycobags with Injection Port

These Injection Port Bags are the best-selling mushroom spawn bags available.

Thickness: 3.0 mil
Autoclavable: Yes
Micro Filter Patch: 0.2-micron, 0.5-micron
Use: Spawn production, Fruiting Bag, All-in-one Grow Bag
Injection port: Yes
Available Sizes: Medium – (5″X4″X18″)

Also available in a biodegradable version. Click here for biodegradable injection port bags.

What are mushroom spawn bags?

mushroom spawn / Myco bag is a bag designed for growing mushrooms. These specialty bags are made to withstand the high temperatures of an autoclave. Our bags feature a 2-micron gas exchange filter that blocks airborne particles and provides the necessary gas exchange for growth. Injection port bags feature an integrated self-healing injection port that simplifies the process of injection of spores from a spore syringe or liquid culture inoculation. Many different types of mushrooms can be grown in bags, depending on the substrate used in the bag. There are several types of grow bags on the market, but the best mushroom grow bags have several things in common:

  • Made from Polypropylene – This material is durable, clear, and designed for high temperatures.
  • Autoclavable – Sterilizing your spawn is necessary when growing mushrooms. These mushroom bags will withstand high temperatures while still remaining pliable.
  • Gas Exchange Filer – The fine mesh of a filter patch provides needed fresh air.
  • Gusseted – Bags that fold in on the sides allow for increased volume vs using a pillow-type bag.

Due to the ease of use and low costs, these injection port grow bags are a favorite among both professional cultivators and mushroom hobbyists. Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, a mushroom grow bag should be a staple should be an essential tool in your arsenal.

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7 reviews for Injection Port Bags

  1. Rod (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these bags! It makes using sport syringes so easy. Thanks again!

  2. Mikey P (verified owner)

    Really high quality mushroom grow bags. I typically run my bags for 2 hours in the pressure cooker. Unlike other bags, these ones seem to remain flexible and I’ve never had a tear or melting problem.

  3. Candace S (verified owner)

    They work

  4. Ben Jetter (verified owner)

    Easy to use, fast shipping.

  5. Tim Parker (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these bags for 3 years now. They can’t be beat. And great customer service. Thank you And great customer service. Thank you

  6. Peter Noland (verified owner)

    Best mushroom bags available! I’ve tried so many others and these ones seem to work the best. Great customer service too. I accidentally tore one of my bags when opening the package and the owner offered to replace it free of charge. You’ve got a customer for life

  7. Aiden (verified owner)

    Good quality.

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