Biodegradable Mushroom Bags with Injection Port

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Biodegradable Mushroom Grain Spawn Bags

  • AUTOCLAVE SAFE, DURABLE, TEAR RESISTANT: At 3 mills thick, these bags will remain flexible after sterilization.
  • 0.2 MICRON PREMIUM FILTER: Each bag has a premium quality 0.2 micron filter that will allow your growing mycelium spawn to breathe while preventing exposure to room air.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN GRAIN SPAWN BAGS: These bags are sized 5 X 4 X 18 and hold 3-4 Quarts of hydrated grain spawn. Approximately 3-4 pounds
  • BIODEGRADABLE: These bags are manufactured using a proprietary Polypropylene which has been designed to deteriorate over time when exposed to air and light. It is recommended to use these bags within 3 months of purchase.

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Make your own grain spawn while doing your part to protect the environment with these biodegradable mushroom spawn bags!

These are the easiest, most convenient mushroom bags available. These Eco-friendly bags feature a self-healing injection port which allows for easy inoculation of your spawn while reducing the likelihood of contamination. These bags feature a 0.2-micron gas exchange filter which is ideal for spawn as it allows for fresh air exchange and protects from airborne contaminants from entering the bag.

The degradation of these bags was tested by a third-party lab. We thank Unicorn Manufacturing for providing this information. The full report may be found by clicking here.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you use grain spawn bags?

A: To use our grain spawn bags, you will first remove the bag from the packaging and open it completely, laying the bottom of the bag flat. Next, you will fill the bag with the hydrated grain spawn of your choice. When filling the bag make sure to leave at least 2 inches of space between the bottom of the filter and the top of the grain. Fold the gusseted sides inward, bringing the front and back of the bag together. Wrap the top of the bag around the substrate and use tape to secure it. Place the grain spawn bag in a pressure cooker for a minimum of 90 minutes to sterilize. Allow to cool for a few hours before removing the bag. Once cool, remove the grain bag and gently remove the tape making sure not to open the bag. Take the top of the bag and seal using an impulse sealer, a heat sealer, or a bag clamp.

Q: How do you inoculate a spore syringe in our injection port bags?

A: Before inoculating your grain spawn bag with spores or liquid culture you will need to break up the hydrated grain and pull some air into the bag through the filter. To do this, lay your grain bag on its side and gently massage it to break up the grain. Next, grab the gusseted sides and pull outward. This will allow a little bit of air to seep in through the gas exchange filter. Stand the bag upright and then maneuver any stray grains that may be stuck on the top of the bag back to join the others. Wipe down your work area all utensils and the injection port using a disinfectant such as 97%+ rubbing alcohol. Remove the cap from your needle and flame sterilize the needle until red hot. Allow to cool, wipe off the needle with your disinfectant and insert the needle in the grain bag through the injection port. Squeeze your desired quantity of culture in to the bag, remove the needle, and replace the needle cap. Do a final massage of the grain working the culture around in the bag. Set aside for incubation.

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