Pasteurized Mushroom Substrate (5lbs)

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  • Manure Based Substrate

  • Pasteurized and ready to use

  • Designed for Ideal PH Levels and Nitrogen Content

  • Hydrated to Ideal Moisture Capacity

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This best-selling mushroom substrate is a pasteurized, ready-to-use mushroom substrate, which is formulated for maximum yields and fast colonization.

This bulk substrate is made using a tried and true blend of coco coir, vermiculite, and gypsum, which is then fortified with several quality substrate additives, including organic worm castings, tortoise dung, and gypsum. This blend features ideal nitrogen levels, PH buffered, and ideal hydration for manure-loving species. 

Use this bulk substrate in monotub, shoeboxes, or grow directly from the spawn bag.
Using With Grain Spawn:
For best results, we recommended using 2-3 lb of colonized grain spawn for each 5 lb bag of the substrate. The closer the ratio of spawn to the substrate (by volume), the shorter the colonization time, and subsequently, the likelihood of contamination. 
Substrate Storage:
Our substrate can be stored for several months before use. Keep the substrate bag at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Refrigeration is not necessary.

The bag will arrive hydrated to ideal capacity, pasteurized, and ready for use.

Available in 5lb and 10lb bags.

Additional information

Weight 85 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

4 reviews for Pasteurized Mushroom Substrate (5lbs)

  1. Jim Cantrell

    The best mushroom substrate I have used so far. Thanks! Jim

  2. Mark

    Bought the 5 pound mushroom substrate and used it in my 27 qt monotub. Really good results so far, I am on my second flush and its still going strong!

  3. James D

    Quality substrate at a fair price, as described, my expectations are fully met! Thank you!

  4. James F

    Fast delivery, good product and very professional. Get sub from Milliken Mushrooms!

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