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  • eco friendly mushroom bags with injection port

    Biodegradable Mushroom Bags with Injection Port

    Biodegradable Mushroom Grain Spawn Bags

    • AUTOCLAVE SAFE, DURABLE, TEAR RESISTANT: At 3 mills thick, these bags will remain flexible after sterilization.
    • 0.2 MICRON PREMIUM FILTER: Each bag has a premium quality 0.2 micron filter that will allow your growing mycelium spawn to breathe while preventing exposure to room air.
    • MAKE YOUR OWN GRAIN SPAWN BAGS: These bags are sized 5 X 4 X 18 and hold 3-4 Quarts of hydrated grain spawn. Approximately 3-4 pounds
    • BIODEGRADABLE: These bags are manufactured using a proprietary Polypropylene which has been designed to deteriorate over time when exposed to air and light. It is recommended to use these bags within 3 months of purchase.
  • Injection port bags for growing mushrooms

    Injection Port Bags

    • CONVENIENT INOCULATION –  Easy injection of spore syringe or Liquid Culture using the integrated self-healing injection port.

    • GAS-EXCHANGE FILTER – Each bag is been fitted with a high-quality micro filter that allows fresh air exchange during the colonization phase.

    • BEST QUALITY MUSHROOM BAGS AVAILABLE – These bags are the best mushroom spawn bags available and will help you easily make perfect grain spawn bags every time.

    • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Highest quality mushroom bags available.