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Mushroom Grow Bags

Injection Port Bags

Injection port bags make it easy to inoculate your spawn using a spore syringe or liquid culture syringe. Available in both 02.-micron and 0.5-micron gas exchange filter models. 

bags for growing mushrooms

Standard Bags

Standard mushroom grow bags can be used for a multitude of processes including spawn production, substrate preparation, or as an all-in-one fruiting bag.

standard mushroom bags

Biodegradable Bags

These biodegradable mushroom grow bags are manufactured using special additives that causes the chemical structure of the bags to degrade in ANY environment.

eco friendly mushroom bags with injection port


Manure Based Substrate

New Products

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Injection ports, spawn jar lids, agar corers…

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Mushroom Genetics

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Quality gourmet and medicinal mushroom genetics

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