How do I get started growing mushrooms?

Growing mushrooms is not hard necessarily. However, some species are harder to cultivate than others. Its best to start by growing an easier species such as Oyster Mushrooms, Chestnut Mushrooms, Wine Cap’s, or Shiitake on Logs. Beginning with these varieties will allow you to learn the fundamentals. Another fun option is to start with a pre-colonized mushroom grow kit.

The easiest way to start growing mushrooms is to buy a pre-colonized mushroom grow kit. This is a simple way to introduce you to the fruiting stage of mushroom cultivation. If you are looking to grow mushrooms from start to finish, you may want to do a little research on the mushroom species you want to grow. This should get you started down your mycology journey.

Spawn is a nutritious substrate used for the initial phases of incubation and mycelium growth. Spawn can be comprised of a number of different substances, however the most common spawn materials used are seeds, grains, and hardwoods. When preparing spawn for home and commercial cultivation, the spawn must be prepared to provide and ideal environment for the mycelium to grow. This includes hydrating the spawn material then sterilization to kill off any organisms that may compete with the fungi to consume the spawn.

The ideal temperature for growing mushrooms will depend on the species of mushroom you are growing. Below are a few examples of indoor species and their ideal temperatures: which will change depending on the growth cycle.

  • Pink Oyster – 70–85 °F
  • Reishi – 70–80 °F
  • Shiitake – 50–80 °F

Mushrooms need a nutritious substrate, moisture, humidity, fresh air, a touch of light, and patience.

  1. Determine your desired substrate depth.
  2. Determine your desired spawn to substrate ratio.
  3. Find the volume of your grow chamber by multiplying the width by the length and desired substrate depth. This will give you a volume in inches squared.
  4. Convert this to a volume quantity, i.e. find quarts per inches squared.
  5. Use your desired spawn/sub ratio to find the amount of spawn and substrate you will need.
  6. Or you can use our simple substrate calculator here.


Mushroom grow bags are specially designed bags that are intended for the cultivation of mushrooms. There are many different kinds of bags available, but all of them will include a gas exchange filter which blocks airborne contaminates from entering the bag as well as allows for fresh air exchange which is crucial during the incubation phase.

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Mushroom spawn jars are a vessel used for the incubation of mushroom spores or cultures. Spawn jars are usually made using a mason jar which is retrofitted with a special lid which allows for gas exchange and inoculation of the spores or culture. Spawn jars contain a prepared spawn substrate, usually grain or seed. You can make your own lid or purchase premade spawn jar lids like these.


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