All-in-one Mushroom Grow Kit

Our Easy Grow Mushroom Kit is an all-in-one spawn and substrate bag. Easily grow mushrooms at home without tubs or other equipment. Sterile and ready to inoculate, growing mushrooms has never been easier!

Unicorn Bags

Mushroom grow bags with filter patch

Agar Plates

Pre-made agar dishes for mushroom cultures


Ready to use manure-based substrate

Grain Bags

Ready to use grain spawn bags


Mycology tools and supplies

Rye berries for spawn bags


Organic grains for spawn bags

40 gallon mushroom sterilizer.

Commercial Autoclave – 150L

Take the frustration out of sterilization with our compact Professional 150L (160 Quart) Mushroom Autoclave. Despite its small size—akin to a bar refrigerator—this unit packs a commercial-grade punch, making it a favored choice among top labs and mushroom farms for over 15 years.

With user-friendly digital controls, managing cook cycle, temperature, and pressure is a hassle-free task. It’s a genuine “set it and forget it” machine—just input your sterilization parameters, hit start, and let the autoclave do the work.

Ease of setup and operation makes this autoclave a reliable companion for both seasoned and aspiring mushroom cultivators, ensuring optimal sterilization with minimal fuss in a space-saving design.

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Pre-Poured Agar Dishes

Ready to use Lab Quality Sterile Agar Dishes. Available in both MEA, PDA, and Activated Carbon Formulations.

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